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FBI Approves Tracking Hate Crimes Against Sikhs

Justice Department Gives Grant for Oak Creek Recovery Services

The Justice Department today announced that the FBI’s director has approved the bureau’s policy board’s decision to track hate crimes against Sikhs. It also announced a $512,000 grant to the Wisconsin Justice Department to help reimburse, and continue to pay for, mental health and trauma services for the victims families and survivors of the Oak Creek gurdwara shooting.

By: Anju Kaur

Dated: Friday, Aug 02, 2013 | 08:10 PM

Words: 838

Slug: ShootingGrant

DC Sikhs Ask for Representation at Akal Takhat

The Panth in the diaspora does not feel that its views are being heard by the Akal Takhat, said Harpreet Kaur Chadha, spokeswoman for the recently re-opened Sikh Gurdwara, DC. The Gurdwara management used the new platform to voice their concerns of some contentious decisions made by the Akal Takhat, including the excommunication in February 2010 of its former jathedar, Professor Darshan Singh, whom they invited for Guru Hargobind’s Gurpurab earlier this month. They are seeking representation of the diaspora Path at the Akal Takhat.

By: Anju Kaur

Dated: Tuesday, Jul 30, 2013 | 10:11 PM

Words: 615

Slug: DCRepresentation

Hemkund Sahib Route Devastated by Floods

Some Casualties, Many Stranded

About 10,000 of lives have been lost since mid June from torrential rains and flash flooding of areas near Hemkund Sahib, including Gobind Ghat, where vehicles park and travelers continue up to the gurdwara by a footpath, said United Sikhs, a New York-based humanitarian group. “There is a need to create awareness that the mission is not ended,” said Amitoj Singh, the group’s blogger, from India. “Many things are to be done, which starts from rebuilding the local infrastructure (and) religious places.”

By: Anju Kaur

Dated: Monday, Jul 08, 2013 | 03:31 PM

Words: 1,238

Slug: HemkundFloods

Sikhs Affected by Supreme Court Strike Down of Voter Rights Act

Sikhs should join in support of all minority communities in asking Congress to rewrite parts of the Voter Rights Act, which was struck down by the US Supreme Court last week, to again protect their voting rights at the polls, the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund said.

By: Anju Kaur

Dated: Tuesday, Jul 02, 2013 | 02:42 PM

Words: 1,407

Slug: SupremeVote

FBI To Track Hate Crimes Against Sikhs in 2015

The FBI’s policy advisory board recommended on June 5 that it begin collecting data on hate crimes against Sikhs. Once the FBI director approves the decision, the agency will change its data collection forms and procedures to include Sikhs. It will be 2015 before the FBI collects its first statistic on Sikhs.

By: Anju Kaur

Dated: Monday, Jun 17, 2013 | 01:55 PM

Words: 597

Slug: TrackDecision

Kirpan Ban Lifted at Rochester Gurdwara

The Kirpan ban at the Gurdwara of Rochester, imposed three years ago by its trustees as part of their management lawsuit, was fully lifted last week by a New York supreme-court judge. In his written decision, the judge took note of the defendants’ objection to the trustees’ reasoning that they wanted the ban lifted because the defendants have their own place of worship.

By: Anju Kaur

Dated: Thursday, Jun 13, 2013 | 06:45 PM

Words: 496

Slug: BanLifted

US Sikh Soldier Asks for Military Policy Change

Major Kamaljeet Singh Kalsi, a Bronze Star Medal recipient, testified to the US Commission on Civil Right that the military should change its uniform policy and allow Sikhs to serve without any restrictions to their articles of faith – unshorn hair and turban. The commission’s report is used to advise the president and the Congress. “We will be talking with them and seeing if we can’t generate interest in the issue, perhaps get them to call a hearing on the issue,” said Commissioner Roberta Achtenberg.

By: Anju Kaur

Dated: Monday, Jun 10, 2013 | 11:55 PM

Words: 1,037

Slug: KamalTestimony

India Denies Interfering in US Sikh Caucus, Contradicts Indian Press

In the wake of the formation of the American Sikh Congressional Caucus in April, Indian news media published several stories that the Indian government, through the Indian Embassy and the Indian lobby, pressured US Congress members to prevent them from joining the caucus, alleging that the Sikhs activists who made the grass-roots effort to have US representatives form the alliance were Khalistan supporters. The Indian ambassador, Nirupama Rao, told SikhNN last month that was not the case, and that India supported the caucus. The caucus’ scope is to address domestic civil rights issues that Sikh have been facing, particularly after 9/11. The denial represents a rare divergence between what is said in the Indian media and what is said by the Indian government, experts said.

By: Anju Kaur

Dated: Thursday, Jun 06, 2013 | 12:24 PM

Words: 3,253

Slug: IndiaWarning

1984 Pogroms Case Still Pending in US Court

Sikhs for Justice has until September to show that its human rights violation complaint against the Indian National Congress party, for its role in the 1984 pogroms, can be tried in a US federal court.

By: Anju Kaur

Dated: Thursday, May 30, 2013 | 10:58 PM

Words: 637

Slug: GenocideLawsuit

Justice Department Intervenes in Sikh Bullying Case

The Department of Justice intervened for the first time in a bullying complaint of a middle school Sikh student in the metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, school district who was harassed since second grade. It secured a settlement with his school that includes protecting the eighth grader for the next two years, providing a Punjabi-language translation services for his parents and training students and staff about post-9/11 discrimination and stereotyping.

By: Anju Kaur

Dated: Wednesday, May 29, 2013 | 09:55 PM

Words: 926

Slug: AtlantaBullying



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