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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a user?
Please click Login and click on Create New Account tab. Please follow the steps to register.

Do I receive updates/newsletter automatically after I register?
All the users do not wish to receive newsletter, so we have a separate link for Email subscription (at the bottom), please use ‘Email Alert’ link to subscribe for the newsletter

What if I forget my username/password?
If you forgot your password then on the login page you can follow the Request New Password link to get it. If you forgot your username and password please contact us with your current email address and we will send you the details.

I would like to report an incident happened in my area, who should I contact?
You can use contact us link to send us the information you have. Please do include your contact information so we can contact you if we need to. We do not report any incident without proper sources.

What is ‘Your Hot Shots’ page about?
You are more than welcome to send us pictures/videos and details of any Sikh community events in your area, such us Sikh Day Parade, Gurmat Camps or Retreats, Gurpurab Celebrations and Seminars. We will review the material and post on Your Hot Shots page. You can submit this information using Multimedia: Submit your photos and videos.

I have a short video of the recent Gurpurab celebration at Gurdwara Sahib, Can I upload it on your site?
Due to the space limitation and mainly data security issues we are unable to allow uploads to our site. However you can use public video sharing sites such as, and several others and provide us their embed code or link. We can then post your video on our site.

I am interested in publishing my blog on your site, who can I contact?
If you are a regular blogger than you can send your details through Work for Us link and we can, after reviewing your credentials, can create a profile for you and provide you an access to publish your blog. If you are interested in sending us your views on something specific please send us using Say It On SikhNN link.

I like your site due to regularly updated News and due to authenticated information. How can I help and become a part of your network?
There are several things you can help us with. You can publish your blog with us, you can submit your views on stories, you can send us photos and videos of Sikh activities in your area and you can report incidents and/or information about people facing difficulties at work being Sikh. We are also looking for some help in near future to translate our stories in Punjabi.

If you have any other question, which is not listed here please feel free to contact us


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