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Professor Darshan Singh | Ontario, Canada
Posted: 09:56 PM | November 27, 2013

The Meaning of Akal Takhat

In his kathaa at the Sikh Gurdwara, DC, during Guru Hargobind Singh’s gurpurab celebration on July 7, Professor Darshan Singh said the Akal Takhat is a place where the suchaa paathishah is supposed to sit, but many Sikhs are treating the place as the Guru. He also talked about the conspiracy behind the Dasam Granth, which involves a Hindu.

vaddaa thayraa dharabaar sachaa thudhh takhat ||
The Darbaar of Your Court is glorious and great. Your holy throne is True.

Guru Granth Sahib’s Baanee… (inaudible). In life, some popular subjects are in the form of raag, and some are like puzzles. By the time you understand the puzzles, many years may pass. That puzzle is to be solved with the understanding of and solution from Guru Granth Sahib. Whatever aspect of life is coming to you as a puzzle, bring it to Guru Granth Sahib and ask for a solution for that puzzle so that all your doubts and misunderstandings are resolved… (inaudible). Life begins and ends with the Baanee of Guru Granth Sahib.

Guru Hargobind ji daa... (inaudible). You cannot separate the Guru from the physical form. We have just one Guru. The principles and philosophy are just one. The bodies kept changing. Their names kept changing. But, following this concept, when the Guru Granth Sahib was compiled, this principle was observed with the use of Mahalla. The names of the Gurus were not included. For example, Mahalla 2 is recognized as Guru Angad. If the name was important, the Guru could have written that in the Guru Granth Sahib.

When we read hukamnamas… (inaudible). For example, Mahalla 3, under that only the name Nanak is there. We cannot say that this is Guru Amar Das ji’s shabad. It is by Nanak. The shabad belongs to the Guru, not the body… (inaudible). So we have no right to write Guru Amar Das instead of Nanak.

These shabads are from before Guru Hargobind’s times. According to the physical form, the shabads are from before Guru Hargobind’s times. Because Guru Granth Sahib was compiled before him, they already were in Guru Granth Sahib.

And takhat is already mentioned there, and paathishah (king) is also mentioned there, and the maryada of the takhat is mentioned there, the status of the paathishah’s place there is mentioned. Who is the paathishah who sits at the takhat? The one whose rule prevails.

But the paathishah is the one who passes judgments.
That alone is true justice, which is pleasing to the Will of the Supreme Lord God.

The word takhat has come in many places in Baanee. It’s even said that He is true, the takhat is true, and the True One sits on the takhat and dispenses judgment.

Aad sach, jugaad sach, haibee sach, Nanak hosee bee sach.
He is true, He is true through the ages, He is true now, and Nanak says He will ever be true.

His takhat also is true. There is no falsehood there. And when He dispenses justice, it also is true. There is no injustice.

Guru Ram Das also gets the takhat. We call it the takhat of miri-piri, which means the throne of all things temporal and spiritual. But Guru Hargobind is not the takhat. He is the one who sits on the takhat. The paathishah is not the takhat, he is the one who sits on the takhat. We read so many times that only the one who is qualified will sit on the takhat. Takhat is a place where someone sits.

About Guru Ram Das, Gurbani says:
raaj jog thakhath dheean gur raamadhaas ||
Guru Raam Daas was blessed with the throne of all things temporal and spiritual.

The miri-piri takhat was given to Guru Ram Das to sit there. It means that the takhat and Guru Ram Das are two different things. Guru Ram Das is the paathishah. The one who sits on the takhat is the paathishah. Only the one who is qualified is the one who gets the takhat.

Now, moving past Guru Ram Das, Baanee has clarified even that:

thakhath bait(h)aa arajan guroo sathigur kaa khivai cha(n)dhoaa ||
Guru Arjan sits on the throne; God’s protective canopy waves over the True Guru.

We get all the answers from Baanee. Guru Ram Das sat on that takhat of miri-piri. Guru Angad sahib also sat there before him. The raaj-jog takhat was established by Guru Nanak. Accept raaj-jog… (inaudible). The meaning of raaj-jog is miri-piri and miri-piri is the takhat. On that takhat Guru Amar Das sat. On that raaj-jog takhat, Guru Ram Das sat. And on that takhat, sat Guru Arjan. And they all were given the protection of God’s canopy. And the Gurus that followed continued to sit there.

But the one who inherits the takhat, his qualifications need to be understood. Last night someone asked me, Prabhdeep Singh, the fact is that it is important to know the qualification of the one who sits there. That is the main criteria. The main issue is qualification.

There were many Sikhs during Guru Nanak’s times. But he himself decided and announced that the Guruship would go to Lainaa. He examined him, tested him and then gave it to him. It happened the same way with Guru Ram Das. When he was fully convinced that this is the only person able or qualified to sit on the takhat, then only would he be happy. Then the raaj-jog takhat was given to Guru Ram Das.

This is something to think about. There is a method or rule to select the person to sit on the takhat.

There is a lot happing, Singh-o. Now, again, for Mahalla 5, Baanee says Nanak because Guru is only one. But why is it written Mahalla 5?

The detractors have found a way. For hundreds of years nobody dared - until now. A new book has been issued. The title is: “Sodhi Prithi Chand Di Rachanaa.” In it, exactly like in Gurbani, he (the author) has used the word Nanak. Why did this happen? Because, recently we had questions about Dasam Granth.

Some said that the reference to Nanak is not used in it (Dasam Granth). People criticized that in Guru Granth Sahib, Nanak is referenced for all Gurus, but because Nanak is not referenced in Dasam Granth, this could not be the Baanee of Guru Gobind Singh. This was our tradition (maryada). If Nanak is referenced for all Gurus, why did Guru Gobind Singh not do that? There is no Nanak word (shabad).

To silence these critics, this new book has been brought out (produced). And whatever is written in that, I can tell you. For every passage, it also begins with a Mahalla. The only difference is - because he (the author) knows that the Baanee in Guru Granth Sahib already includes up to Mahalla 5 - so, in this new book, the passages begin with Mahalla 6. The raags also are like in Guru Granth Sahib – Raag Gauri, Raag Asa, Mahalla 6.

We are astonished! Our children will be confused. There really is Baanee by Guru Hargobind that is compiled outside of Guru Grant Sahib?

And, at the end of the passages, it also uses the word Nanak. If you believe in the word of Nanak, then you should believe this, too?

Think about it. There is a tradition (maryada) for those who can sit on this takhat.

sir saahaa paathisaahu nihachal chour shhath ||
You are the Emperor over the heads of kings. Your canopy and chauree (fly-brush) are
permanent and unchanging.

We are being confused, and so many falsehoods are created that now we have abandoned the word paathishah. We have blindly begun to worship the takhat. No one says that the edict is from the true king (sachaa paathishah). They say it is the edict of the Akal takhat. The Akal takhat is just a seat where Guru Hargobind used to sit. Instead of the Guru, we have started worshiping the seat. The seat is one thing, the Guru is another thing.

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