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Surinder Singh | Springfield, VA
Posted: 04:59 PM | January 28, 2012


Alexander the great, also known as Sikandar, arrived at the Satluj River in India. The beautiful clear sky and the cool breeze made him lazy, and he decided to camp out at the banks of Satluj for few days. His army quickly began arranging tents and gathering wood to cook some food.

Sikandar was planning to take a nap when he noticed an old saintly person lying down on the grass in Sun, not too far from him. Sikandar had always been very respectful of religious people, so he walked to this person thinking the old man would share some words of wisdom with him.

After greeting each other, the old man asked Sikandar if he were a king or something, noticing at his army and the way he was dressed. Sikandar gladly replied that he was Alexander the Great, the king who has invaded many places and taken over their control. Now I am going to invade India. Soon I will be controlling the wealth and people of India as well.

The old man looked at Sikandar and asked a question, “Raja Sikandar, what will you do after you would have invaded India?” Sikandar, very surprised by the question, had never thought of this before but tried answering the question in a very clever way. “Oh, well, I am Alexander the Great,” he said. “I am not a lazy person, I will be looking for another place to invade.” Sikandar thought this should do it. Now what can the old man ask? I have answered it all at once. But that didn’t happen. The old man came back and asked, “Let’s say you do get control of another place too, then what would you do?”

Now Sikandar became a little uncomfortable, but he still wanted to stay in respectful boundaries. So he thought of the best answer he could and said: “My dream is to one day rule on the entire world and I will certainly make it happen very soon.” Sikandar felt some peace around him thinking it is all finally over, but not for long. The old man then asked the hardest question of all, “Sikandar let’s assume you do rule the entire world, what would you do after that?”

Sikandar had run out of his cleaver answers by that time. Tired of these questions he slowly replied, “Then I will rest; I would be very tired by that time, after all the years of battles and struggles, so I will just relax after that.”

This time the old man didn’t ask a question. Instead he shared his word of wisdom with Sikandar: “Sikandar you will go through all these battles and struggles to finally rest one day. If you want to rest come and lie down here with me. Look, I am already resting.”

History documents that Sikandar never returned from India, and died of sickness a few days after this incident.

“People think of many and various efforts, but that alone happens, which is to happen. All beings seek goodness for themselves, but what the Lord does – that may not be what we think and expect.||2||”
- Sri Guru Granth Sahib – Panna 800

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