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Mejindarpal Kaur, Director, United Sikhs | Peshawar, Pakistan
Posted: 01:50 PM | January 19, 2011

Support Jaspal Singh's Children

Jaspal Singh was beheaded by Taliban in 2010.


Peshawar, Pakistan – It’s been almost a year since Jaspal Singh’s family lost their 29- year-old breadwinner when he was brutally beheaded by the Taliban at the border of the Khyber and Orakzai Agencies in Pakistan.

His family, however, has not been forgotten by UNITED SIKHS and the Sikh community of Bangkok who spent 442,000 Pak rupees (about £3,000 or $5,000 USD) to help them set up a grocery store last month, and also paid for their children’s school fees last year.

Taliban militants kidnapped Jaspal Singh and two of his relatives last year while they were travelling to visit family members in the Khyber Agency. The kidnappers cut their religiously mandated kesh (unshorn hair) and kept them hostage for approximately 41 days.

The militants then beheaded Jaspal Singh on 20 February 2010.

“Jaspal Singh’s young family consists of his widow and four children – three boys aged 13, 9 and 6 and a two year old daughter,” said Herdyal Singh, UNITED SIKHS’ aid coordinator in Pakistan. “We are now appealing for funds to support their education for the next 10 years or more. Their future is in our hands. Currently their monthly schooling costs are £20 ($32 USD).”

Jaspal Singh is also survived by his father Peyara Singh, 65.

“We are thankful to UNITED SIKHS and the Bangkok Sikh community who assisted my family,” he said. “We are touched that our loss has not been forgotten by the Sikh community.”

The Sri Guru Singh Sabha in Bangkok raised funds for the family.

“When news of the tragedy of Jaspal Singh ji reached us, our hearts went out to his family,” said Pinderpal Singh, a representative of the sangat. “Let us always remember we are all Guruji's children. We will stand by our brothers.”

You may donate online at www.unitedsikhs.org/donate or post a cheque payable to UNITED SIKHS, marked ‘Jaspal Singh’s Children’s Education’, to a UNITED SIKHS office nearest to you. For details of our offices see www.unitedsikhs.org/contact.php


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